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"Stella" my 2 year old, 110 lb black lab has been going to Home Sweet Home Dog Boarding & Care since she was 6 months old.  I needed a place for my Stella to go during the day at least a couple days a week.  I am a school teacher and Stella was a very energetic and rambunctious puppy. So, allowing her to stay home all day running free was not an option and leaving her crated all day everyday just didn't feel fair to me.  I did tons of research and read many testimonials before I chose to take Stella to John's place of business.  His property is beautifully manicured, he has many different places with many different terrains for the dogs to explore during the day.  Stella loves going to day care twice a week.  We often ask her if she's ready to go see Mr. John and her buddies. Stella gets excited, her ears perk up and she looks around for us to get her leash on and head that way. I have full confidence that Stella is 100% taken care of every minute that she is in the care of Hone Sweet Home Dog day care.  I wouldn't take her anywhere else. We love Home Sweet Home Dog Boarding & Care! Laney P.    2018

I have a pack that would test any boarding facility. I have an older mini Dachshund with early kidney disease on special diet, and active young Dachshund, and I adopted a four year old German Shepherd from John. All three of them have different needs and John takes excellent care of each of them. My dogs are my only family and I can vacation or go for day trips without worry and come back knowing that the pack has had exercise, socialization with other dogs, and great care during their time with Home Sweet Home Dog boarding. - Jeanette P. - 2017 -2018

We have been taken our "son," Turner ( 4 year old gentle 90 lbs Plott Hound) for almost two years to Home Sweet Home Dog Boarding & Care. Turner is very special to us and would not trust him with just anyone. At a prior daycare facility, he has gotten hurt by other dogs or because of their fence construction. What we have found at Home Sweet Home is an extremely safe and caring establishment. The many fenced in yards ( 5 in all ) works well in the segregation of various dog personalities. It is amazing how much control John has over other people's dogs!. Turner has stayed there, not only for daycare, but for lengths of time while we have been away. ALWAYS, Turner has come back without a scratch, and just as important, very tired from playing and interacting with other dogs. Although Turner does not speak that much, he gets to Home Sweet Home with a wagging tail. I think that speaks volumes. Thank you for your care. - Alan & Gloria W. - 2017         

My sister and I were going to be out of the country for several weeks and I needed to make arrangements for my 2 small dogs. My sister suggested I leave them with John _______  in Hendersonville, NC (where she lives), as he runs a boarding facility and had also worked wonders with her lab puppy's manners and behavior. I agreed, and that is where Harley (my Pom) and Annie (miniature Poodle) boarded while we traveled.

I knew Harley would not be a problem because he is a confident, affectionate, curious and fun-loving pup but was worried about Annie because since she had joined Harley and me (she was a foundling) she had been clingy, needy, and possessive of me. She never liked Harley to get too close to me and, although they did not fight, she seemed to only tolerate him. I was worried as to how she would cope with a pack of dogs of all sizes. Well, I should not have worried at all! The socialization experience seemed to work wonders for Annie! When I went to pick them up she was calm, interacting and playing with dogs of all sizes (Chihuahuas to Great Dane) and displaying no anxiety nor "clingy-ness!"  When my pups saw me they were so happy and excited they began twirling and jumping around! In the past, when I came home from work this excited behavior by Harley would cause Annie to become anxious and "grolly" - now she actually joined in! She seemed very relaxed and actually played with Harley and the other pups while John brought us up to date on their experience at his facility. I am thrilled to say that since returning home Annie and Harley play a lot more together and can sit together in my lap or side by side without Annie becoming anxious or aggressive toward Harley!

I have to add, John's facility is wonderful, with very neat and clean landscaped lawns and plenty of room for the boarders to run and play in!  I could not have been more impressed with Annie and Harley's care and well being while with John and would definitely leave them with him again as I would have total peace of mind! --              ----Maria C.


Hi, my name is Button. I am a small Chihuahua mix. I was born in an animal shelter and I have a few fear issues. When my Mom told me I was going to daycare on Fridays, I said "NO WAY ! I am too afraid and you KNOW I don't like other dogs." Mom explained it was something to do with her job, yada yada (I quit listening). I was afraid when I first got there, but that man John did a remarkable thing- he ignored ME! and left me alone so I can see other dogs, but not be bothered by them. It didn't take too long to realize he is a good man that will pick me up and hold me IF I want him too. About other dogs--don't tell Mom, but I have lot's of FUN when I'm there and I get tired from playing. The other day, Mom said she's noticed an overall positive change in my behavior, and I am not afraid of the other dogs and people, as I was before. I look forward to going to Home Sweet Home Dog Boarding and Care each Friday to play and hang out with John and the dogs. ---Mary T.


We were visiting in Asheville, NC this past fall and was in need of boarding for our 15 yr. old Maltese. We are very picky about where we leave him, but felt like boarding him would be the best option for our visit. I did a lot of research and talked to many kennels in the area, before I decided on this one. Since we are visitors and not in the area to inspect the facilities, I had to go with what information that my research gave me. I was not wrong and pleasantly surprised to find such a nice and caring facility. My dog was very well cared forand special arrangements were made for us to pick him up so we could continue in our travels. We certainly use this facility again. - Linda G.


After our aged black Lab died, we adopted two high-energy Lab-mix rescue puppies.  We had no fenced yard for them to run in and there was a motley mix of dogs and owners at the dog parks, so they raced through our house instead -- until John M. at Home Sweet Home day care and boarding "rescued" us!  Jesse and Lindsay were wild hooligans when they bolted out of our car for their first day-care experience with John.  With his guidance and expertise, we learned to implement commands firmly and consistently to help control their unruly behavior, and they learned how to socialize with dogs of all breeds and temperaments.  They absolutely can't wait to go to Home Sweet Home, and we highly recommend John for providing day care and boarding in a home setting.  --Gracie M. and Marty B.


Thank you for all you do! We would not want to leave Lacey any where else.    - Debbie, Alan and Lacey.


John, Brandy and Gus are doing great in Florida and will look forward to seeing you soon. You were wonderful this summer and made our decision to move to Hendersonville area a much easier transition. Getting two puppies at a time of a lot of transitions made for a great decision because of your tremendous boarding and training facility.                            -Jody W.

We have been raising guide dogs for the last 17 years. Sometimes they have a “career change” and come back to us. Levi, a 3 year old black lab, followed this course. He is a very active dog who needs to play and run around like crazy with other dogs. Home Sweet Home has provided the space for him to do what he can’t do at home. He loves to go there and play with the other dogs and expend some of that pent up energy that he has. We thank John for making HSH such a nice place for a dog like Levi to stay when we are away.
— Mike and Georgie F.
John has taken care of our English Springer Spaniel, Nellie, on numerous occasions since we moved to Hendersonville this past summer. Nellie, who is more like a family member than a “dog” and one who is not particularly fond of strangers or other dogs is extremely comfortable in Johns care. She socializes and plays well with her peers and John’s facilities are spacious and more like home than any kennel, which I would never entrust my Nellie to. John displays a genuine caring attitude towards his canine guests and it shows in Nellie’s comfort in being left in John’s care when we travel. It’s great not to have to worry about our baby Nellie when we travel as she is in the best of hands. Thanks John!
— Paul and Joanne R.
I’m writing to let everyone know the Egolf family has found a great partner to help with our dogs’ care. Our relationship started around 3 years ago when we needed training for our 105 lb. black lab. John simply “knows” a dog’s language and we were very impressed with how “Moses” picked up on things. We now let Moses and our 4 lb. “Daisy” stay with John and team whenever we go out of town. Whether for a week-end or 10 days, our dogs LOVE to stay at John’s. He has very large fenced in areas (this is not a kennel) and all dogs have plenty of room for play and exercise. We would recommend Home Sweet Home Dog Training and Care to any dog lover.
— Sincerely, Jay Egolf
John is a knowledge and capable trainer. Our dogs love to go to Home Sweet Home for either the day to play or overnight to stay.
— Crit & Linda H. (humans) Drake & Noodie (canines)

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