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About Us


As a home based full service dog care center, Home Sweet Home Dog Boarding & Care, LLC provides a safe, caring and comfortable environment for your canine companions. 

We are not a kennel and provide comfort and personal attention to all of our dog guests.

While in our care, your loved one will have access to designated areas of the house and will be provided with his or her own crate for sleeping and eating.

With over 20,000 square feet of play area, separate indoor and outdoor areas are designated for small dogs and large dogs.

The home environment, atmosphere, and grounds provide all dogs the opportunity for playtime, exercise, socialization with other dogs, supervision and some obedience training.

Aggressive dogs are not permitted. All new dogs will be evaluated before being accepted.

We only accept 8 dogs for boarding at a time to ensure our quality of care remains up to our standards.

In case of emergencies or special situations we may accept dogs for daycare on the days we are closed. Please call us for these situations.

All dogs with separation anxiety behaviors, or destructive behaviors will required a $50.00 damage deposits, to be refunded at checkout if no damages have occurred.

All dogs past 9 months old must be spayed or neutered before being allowed to board, daycare and training. (No exceptions).    


We are NC Department of Agriculture/Animal Welfare Section licensed and inspected.

Photo of our 5 German Shepherds posing with two local Deputy Sheriffs . (Not to be copy)

Photo of our 5 German Shepherds posing with two local Deputy Sheriffs. (Not to be copy)

Home Sweet Home Dog Boarding & Care, LLC
 Henderson County, NC

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